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We are not just another think tank; we are a dynamic policy hub—a space dedicated to fostering creativity, engagement, and the development of innovative solutions for Afghanistan's policymaking landscape.


Our work revolves around three key, interrelated approaches:


  1. Experimental Research

We specialise in conducting applied research, encompassing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as well as innovative experiments. Our clients include Afghan government ministries, international donors, NGOs, and various institutions operating in Afghanistan. Our approach involves exploratory simulations to understand complex dynamics and uncertain challenges better. We evaluate what works and what doesn't, drawing on existing best practices from Afghanistan and beyond, and tailor them to the local context to support effective decision-making and scalability.


2. Policy Modelling & Analysis

Our expertise extends to supporting the design and testing of efficient policy tools and solutions. We employ various modelling techniques, including the adaptation and experimentation of models, while considering baseline scenarios, uncertainty analysis, sensitivity analysis, and multi-criteria evaluation. This comprehensive approach ensures the development of robust and effective policies.


3. Behavioural Insights

At Policy Lab, we are deeply intrigued by recent developments in behavioural economics, including the nudge theory, social and cognitive psychology insights, and anthropology. We harness knowledge from these diverse disciplines to enhance policymaking. By identifying behavioural elements and employing positive reinforcement, interventions, and indirect suggestions, we influence and promote positive behaviours among individuals, communities, and organisations.

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